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Jenson Nelson

The Day I Bought New Paint Pens - 16" x 20"

The Day I Bought New Paint Pens - 16" x 20"

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16" W x 20" H x 1/2" in

Painting: Acrylic, Ink, Paint Pen on Canvas

Ok, I lied. These paint pens were not purchased by me, but rather by my mom. She visited me in 2022 for my birthday and spoiled me rotten. It was evident that my mother had $500 burning a hole in her pocket, with the whispers of money urging her, "Your daughter deserves this. After all, she's your favorite child, and 35 is such a momentous age."

First, we swung by Lululemon, where the divine yoga goddess, Gail, graced me with two pairs of new pants. They have become cherished additions to my workout wardrobe, and I'm treating them with the utmost care. Thank you for inquiring. Our adventure continued at Blick's, and that's when my self-control vanished. I indulged in a range of goodies, including Golden varnishes, pastes, and gels. I got new brushes, and Liquitex Iridescent Rich Bronze and Iridescent Bright Gold heavy body acrylics because, as you know, I have an insatiable appetite for gold. But let me tell you, my favorite part is always the markers.

I couldn't resist picking up a 5 mm liquid chrome Molotow marker, just to give you an idea of the caliber I'm working with. Additionally, I carefully selected various individual Molotow markers from the case, resulting in me ending up with duplicates of about five colors (in the same size) that seemed to capture my attention repeatedly. And of course, I think I have every color (not size) available in Uni Posca Paint Markers. Although I find myself daydreaming about those chunk chunk 15 mm extra broad tip Uni Poscas. I want 'em all.

Lord help me, I just learned that Molotow One4All has 1.5 mm and 4 mm Acrylic Twin Tipped Markers and Sets. I fear I may need them. As I write this, my 36th birthday is a mere ten days away. To conclude, I express heartfelt gratitude to my angelic mother, my father who somehow has more friends in Portland than I do, the remarkable Molotow One4All markers, Uni Posca Paint Markers (in all their glorious shades), and every single person who has ever acknowledged that art is cool. Now, if you'll excuse me, The Krink K-75 Paint Markers are calling my name. My name is Jenson, and I'm an alcoholic.
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