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Jenson Nelson

Pocket Potatoes - 14” x 11”

Pocket Potatoes - 14” x 11”

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Pocket Potatoes

11" W x 14" H

Painting: Acrylic and Paper on Canvas Board (Free Shipping)

With a focus on really boring things that can fit in your pocket if you try hard enough - and you can do anything if you try hard enough, "Pocket Potatoes" demonstrates the fact that I haven’t really been on a farm, except for @killertomatoguy’s, where my sister, @iamstevienelson, overhand hurled food at the ducks, one of whom I proudly named Ralph Waddle Emerson. The point is that I’m not sure what potatoes look like in the wild. If you're lucky enough to own this piece, you'll notice that on the back of the painting I’ve misspelled the word “potatoes,” just like former Vice President Dan Quayle. This was not purposeful, as I don’t care much for Dan Quayle. Enjoy this painting, everyone. Potatos.

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