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Jenson Nelson

Make Love the Old Fashioned Way - 8" x 10"

Make Love the Old Fashioned Way - 8" x 10"

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8" W x 10" H

Collage on Canvas Board

In the heart of Hollywood, beneath the shimmering sun and among a bustling crowd of failing writers, a charming sidewalk sale caught the eyes of two young lovers who were on their way to the romantic city of Palmdale, California.

"Let's get coffee first," the lovers agreed, so they could play the games "Can You Hold This?", "Do You Have My Keys?", and "I Think I Left Your Coffee on That Table," while rummaging through vintage housewares and talking to a man in overalls who may, or may not, have owned the items being sold.

While sifting through vintage children's books with sexist titles, one of the lovers, Jenson, found a book called "Crimes and Punishment: The Illustrated Crime Encyclopedia." Thankfully, it had nothing to do with Fyodor Dostoevsky. She hadn't finished the current book she was reading and didn't want to "do more words." She declared, "I'm going to cut this book into little pieces," and offered the bibbed-wearing man a mere $0.50, which he happily accepted.

A month later, the lovers received a box from Palmdale filled with the forgotten purchases that they couldn't fit in their carry-on luggage. Upon seeing the book, Jenson violently tore open the bag that her dad had thoughtfully wrapped it in. With an X-Acto knife in hand and drool on her chin, she began cutting out faces without any planning or forethought.

"Why did you choose the man in the center?" Jenson’s partner asked.

"I like him because it looks like he’s wearing someone else’s face," she said.

"Maybe that’s something we should talk about later," he replied.

She made a mental note to avoid that discussion and created a collage, which she named Make Love the Old-fashioned Way. For this piece, she is asking an offensively high price of $200.

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